University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Muzaffarabad Admission Online Apply

University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Muzaffarabad Admission Online Apply

The University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir is the only public sector general education university in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. AJK University was established in 1970 at Muzaffarabad. All the colleges of AJK are affiliated with AJK University for bachelor’s degrees and higher level education. With the main campus at Muzaffarabad, AJKU has a sub-campus at Rawalkot. AJK Medical College Muzaffarabad, Poonch Medical College and Ms. BBS Medical College Mirpur are affiliated with AJKU.

University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir AJKU

University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir offers a variety of academic programs such as Arts, Science and Engineering, Health and Medical Sciences, Graduate Courses, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and many more. UAJK has some well-known departments like software engineering, biotechnology, botany, law, psychology, clinical laboratory services, health and doctor-related courses, etc. According to sources, the facilities in their campus are of a high standard. The University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir also organizes many events and competitions for student fitness and personal development.

UAJAK’s aims and objectives are to bring about change towards excellence by providing excellent education, and the mission is a commitment to excellence in education, research as well as mentorship by bringing innovations to serve society and the changing world at the top of the farm. .

University Of Azad Jammu And Kashmir Merit List 2023

Here you will be able to check AJKU 1st, 2nd and 3rd merit lists. Now, AJKU admissions are open. Registration is in progress. The university opens admissions and registers the candidates who apply for it. After that, the entrance test is conducted. So, if you also want to apply for it then register for it first. The last date to apply for this is August or September 2023. Admissions are given in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Have a look at the merit list.

The University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir is among the institutions that do not provide acceptance rate data. This may be because a university has programs where an applicant only needs to meet the admissions requirements to enroll and not necessarily compete with others.

We estimate the acceptance rate above based on admissions statistics from closely ranked universities that publish such data.

Admission approval notices in respective subjects are published in newspapers and also on the AJKU Muzaffarabad website. Students need to complete the admission form by providing all the information and students should check their eligibility criteria while sending the admission form. Students should check the AJKU University website as the admission notices are provided there with all relevant details. A large number of colleges and institutes of Azad Jammu and Kashmir are also affiliated to this university and AJKU conducts examinations for students in various programs from time to time.

The university offers admissions for graduate and post-graduate courses twice a year. Admissions are offered each year during the fall and spring semesters. The Registrar’s Office publishes the admission advertisement in all newspapers. Applications complete in all respects and accompanied by all necessary documents are accepted from the office of the Director of Students Affairs Muzaffarabad.

Bachelors Level Program at AJKU

Course/Program NameDurationFee Structure
Clinical Laboratory Sciences4 yearsN/A
BS Vision Sciences4 yearsN/A
B.S. Statistics4 yearsN/A
B.S. Zoology4 yearsN/A
BS in Public Health4 yearsN/A
BS Allied Health Sciences4 yearsN/A
Anesthesia and Intensive Care Sciences4 yearsN/A
Cardiovascular Technology4 yearsN/A
Dialysis and Critical Care Sciences4 yearsN/A
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences4 yearsN/A
Radiology & Medical Imaging Sciences4 yearsN/A
Surgical and Operation Theater Sciences4 yearsN/A
Emergency Medical Technology4 yearsN/A
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences4 yearsN/A
BS Artificial Intelligence4 yearsN/A
B.S. Geology4 yearsN/A
B.S. Botany4 yearsN/A
BS Biotechnology4 yearsN/A
B.S. Chemistry4 yearsN/A
B.S. Mathematics4 yearsN/A
B.S. Physics4 yearsN/A
B.S. Electrical Engineering4 yearsN/A
Software Engineering4 yearsN/A
BFA4 yearsN/A
BS Arabic4 yearsN/A
B.S English4 yearsN/A
B.S Economics4 yearsN/A
BS Islamic Finance4 yearsN/A
B.Ed. (Hons)4 yearsN/A
BS International Relations4 yearsN/A
BS Kashmir Studies4 yearsN/A
LLB5 yearsN/A
BS Management Sciences4 yearsN/A
BBA4 yearsN/A
B.Com4 yearsN/A
BS Accounting & Finance4 yearsN/A
BS Tourism & Hospitality4 yearsN/A
BS Mass Communication4 yearsN/A
B.S Psychology4 yearsN/A
BS Sociology4 yearsN/A
BS Urdu4 yearsN/A
BS Political Science4 yearsN/A
BS Islamic Studies4 yearsN/A

Masters Level Program at AJKU

Course/Program NameDurationFee Structure
MSc Botany2 yearsN/A
MSc Biotechnology2 yearsN/A
MS Chemistry2 yearsN/A
MS Computer Sciences2 yearsN/A
MS Geology2 yearsN/A
MSc Mathematics2 yearsN/A
MSc Physics2 yearsN/A
MSc Statistics2 yearsN/A
MSc Zoology2 yearsN/A
MSc Electrical Engineering2 yearsN/A
MSc English2 yearsN/A
MA Economics2 yearsN/A
MS Education2 yearsN/A
MA Islamic Studies2 yearsN/A
MA Kashmir Studies2 yearsN/A
MA Urdu2 yearsN/A

M. Phil Level Program at AJKU

Course/Program NameDurationFee Structure
MPhil in Botany2 yearsN/A
MPhil in Chemistry2 yearsN/A
MPhil in Mathematics2 yearsN/A
MPhil Biotechnology2 yearsN/A
MPhil Economics2 yearsN/A
MPhil Geology2 yearsN/A
MPhil English2 yearsN/A
MPhil Physics2 yearsN/A
MPhil Education2 yearsN/A
MPhil Zoology2 yearsN/A
MPhil Computer Science2 yearsN/A

Ph. D Level Program at AJKU

Course/Program NameDurationFee Structure
PHd in Botany3 yearsN/A
PHd in Chemistry3 yearsN/A
PHd in Computer Science3 yearsN/A
PHd in Education3 yearsN/A
PHd in Mathematics3 yearsN/A
PhD Biotechnology3 yearsN/A
PhD Economics3 yearsN/A
PhD Physics3 yearsN/A
PhD English3 yearsN/A
PhD Zoology3 yearsN/A
PhD Geology3 yearsN/A

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