Hajvery University Admission Online Apply Last Date

Hajvery University Admission Online Apply Last Date

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Hajvery University Prospectus 2023

Hajwiri University is one of the top private universities in Lahore which was established in 2002 by the Government of Pakistan. Central Mission Hajwiri University ranks it among other universities for providing the most affordable and quality education in all degree programs which are national and international in scope. Hajwiri University is accredited by HEC, PEC and the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan.

UVAS Lahore Admission 2023 Last Date

Admissions for the year 2023 for undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs have been opened. Admission advertisement is published in various national newspapers for information on students. The guidelines and last date of admission are also mentioned in the advertisement. UVAS Lahore offers admission to the following degree programs Candidates who are awaiting their FSc results can apply provisionally to the undergraduate degree program.

Before admission candidates want to know about the history of the organization where students want to apply. Hence, Hajveri University is approved by HEC and all the faculty members are Ph.D. Hostel and transport facilities for all eligible as well as students. Offers multiple programs at a time compared to other competitors. Due to COVID-19, this university has provided all lectures to students through the internet. But, now they have launched a new innovation of e-library for the convenience of students.

Hajvery University HU Admission

Hajwiri University has released HU University Admission Notice 2023 for students that all interested candidates can apply for Hajwiri University regular semester admission through their official website before 15 September 2023.

HU Hajveri University is inviting application forms for BS Hons, MA/MSc/MPhil, and Ph.D. Program The university offers 60 degrees in quality across a range of disciplines starting in the fall of 2023. Thus, Hajveri University is approved by HEC and all faculty members hold the Ph.D. ability

Hajwayri University (HU) is a private university located in Lahore, Pakistan. Its motto is the unveiling of the veil. It also has a campus in Dubai. The university has diverse constituent schools, focusing on various specialized areas of study, including business. commerce, and banking; Engineering and Computer Science; fashion style; Humanities and Social Sciences, and Pharmacy. It is recognized by PEC, BISE, PCP, and HEC. The field of study offered by this university whether its a Bachelor’s, MPhil, or Ph.D. is diverse. Hajwiri University is also a top-ranking interdisciplinary research and teaching university.

The university offers over 60 degrees in a variety of disciplines for Fall 2021. Complete your application here before the deadline for submitting your application. Thus, Hajveri University is accredited by HEC and all the faculty members are Ph.D. Eligibility, In addition, the university has accommodation and transportation facilities for students of all ages. Hajwiri University will not entertain late applications.

Hajvery University Undergraduate Admissions BBA, LLB
    BBA    BBA Marketing
    BCom Hons    LLB Hons
    BSc Hons Film TV and Media Studies    Doctor of Physiotherapy
    BS Hons Aviation Management    Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Pharm D    LLB
    BE Electrical Engineering    BCom IT
    BS Hons Electrical Engineering    BSc Hons Home Economics
    BA English    BS Hons Advertising
    BS Tech Hons    BS Hons Electronics
    BA Hons Fashion Designing    BS Aviation Technology
    BA    BS Electrical Technology
    BSc    BSCS
    BA Hons Textile Design    BS Hons
    BS Hons Tech Electrical Technology    BBA (Hons)
    BS Hons Tech Mechanical Technology    BS Tech Electrical
    BS Hons Tech Civil Technology    BS Tech Civil
    BS Hons Computer Science    BBA Human Resource Management
    BA Economics    BBA Banking and Finance
    BS Hons TECH Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology
Hajvery University MBA, LLM Admissions
    MBA    MBA Supply Chain Management
    MCom    MBA Human Resource Management
    MSc Islamic Banking and Finance    MBA Marketing
    MSc Accounting and Finance    MBA Entrepreneurship
    MSc Media Studies    MS
    MS Computer Science    ME Electrical Engineering
    MS Fashion Designing    MSc Electrical Engineering
    MSc Economics    MSc Software Engineering
    MA English    MSc Information Technology
    MA Textile Design    MS Commerce
    MBA Executive    MSc Electronic and Telecommunication
    MCom Banking    LLM
    MCom Finance    MS Public Health
    MCom Accounting    MBA Aviation Management
    MBA Banking and Finance    MA Hons Fashion Design
    MSc Computer Science
Hajvery University MPhil Admissions
    MPhil Management Sciences    MPhil Computer Science
    MPhil Pharmacy    MPhil BioStatistics
    MPhil Banking and Finance    MPhil Islamic Studies
    MPhil Marketing    MPhil Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)
    MPhil Statistics    MPhil Pharmacy (Pharmacology)
    MPhil Mathematics    MPhil Business
    MPhil Commerce
Hajvery University PhD Admissions
    PhD Management Sciences    PhD Mathematics
    PhD Statistics    PhD BioStatistics
    PhD Commerce    PhD Computer Science
    PhD Banking and Finance    PhD Islamic Studies
    PhD Marketing    PhD Pharmaceutics
    PhD Pharmacy    PhD Pharmacology

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