Admission Schedule and fee structure for National Defence University Pakistan Islamabad

Admission Schedule and fee structure for National Defence University Pakistan IslamabadAdmission Schedule and fee structure for National Defence University Pakistan Islamabad

In 1971, the Army War Course was re-designated as the ‘Armed Forces War Course’ and the course strength was increased to 20, including three officers each from the Navy and Air Force. In 1975, under the direction of the then Prime Minister, Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the college was affiliated with the Federal University of Islamabad (now Quaid-e-Azam University), awarding MSc (War Studies) degrees to its participants. Armed Forces Combat Course. Due to the lack of space for expansion of the college at Lalkurti, then President General Muhammad Ziaul Haque decided to shift the college to Islamabad in February 1980. Accordingly, the college was shifted to a newly constructed building in Islamabad on 14 August 1995.
In 2007, NDC was upgraded to the university level and the War College was given the status of Armed Forces War College within the university. Currently, the college functions as a component of the National Defense University, as the university has been chartered since March 2007. In February 2009, a Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee conference decided to merge the War Course and the National Defense Course. An integrated course, re-designated as ‘National Security and Warfare Course’. The system consists of two terms: a National Security (NS) term and a Military Strategy (MS) term.
Develop future leaders from the public and private sectors of Pakistan and partner countries through multidisciplinary academic and research programs, professional exchanges, and outreach with a focus on security and contemporary sciences.

BS Undergraduate Degree programs by NDU Islamabad Fee Structure 2023-23

Degree – ProgramDurationFee/YearDeadlineMerit
BS – Conflict & Peace Studies4 Years12100010-07-2023NA
BS – Economics4 Years12100010-07-2023NA
BS – Government & Public Policy4 Years12100010-07-2023NA
BS – International Relations4 Years12100010-07-2023NA
BS – Leadership & Management Studies4 Years12100010-07-2023NA
BS – Strategic Studies4 Years12100010-07-2023NA

BS Undergraduate Degree Program by NDU Islamabad Fee Structure 2023-23

The fee structure is for local students only. The fee structure is different for Overseas Pakistanis, Foreign Pakistanis and International students. The fee structure for overseas seats and seats for international students can be obtained directly from the admissions office of the university. Fee Structure National Defense University Pakistan Islamabad

Most of the details mentioned are from regular programs. However, some universities and colleges also offer online degree courses and distance learning programs. Details of such online degree courses and distance learning courses are also included. However, details of courses and degree programs offered through private examinations are not included. For such programs and their components, please refer to the Examination section.

National Defense University Fee Structure 2023 for All Programs

The fee structure of the National Defense University session 2023 has been announced. High-class students who want to pay the fees of private universities, these types of students visit the site and page and get all the information about the university. The fee structure of the National Defense University is available on the page and site. Students click on the link and get all the detailed information about courses and fees. Fee Structure National Defense University Pakistan Islamabad

Departments and Course Duration

  • BS Conflict and Peace Studies
  • BS Economics
  • BS Government and Public Policy
  • BS International Studies
  • BS Leadership and Management Sciences
  • BS Strategic Studies
  • PHIL Conflict and Peace Studies
  • MS Economics
  • PHIL Government Policy and Public Policy
  • PHIL International Studies
  • PHIL Project Management
  • PHIL Strategic and Nuclear Studies
  • BS degree is for 4 years.
  • MS and M.PHIL degree is for 2 years.

Fee Structure 2023 NDU

  • If BS conflict and peace study fee is 121000 RS.
  • The fee for BS Economics is Rs.121000.
  • All undergraduate and postgraduate fees are available on the page and site.
  • The admission fee for undergraduate departments is Rs.37300.
  • The admission fee for MPhil and MS is Rs 61500.
  • The admission fee for Ph.D. is Rs.61500.
  • Semester charges for BS is Rs.61000.
  • The semester charges of M.PHIL are Rs.36800.
  • Semester charges for Ph.D. is Rs.36800.
  • Thesis fee for B.S. is Rs.12100.
  • The thesis fee for M.PHIL is Rs.24200.
  • Thesis fee for Ph.D. is Rs.36300.

Bachelors Courses Fee Structure

BS Govt & Public PolicyN/AN/A
BS Peace & Conflict StudiesN/AN/A
BS Strategic StudiesN/AN/A
BS International RelationsN/AN/A
BS Leadership & Management StudiesN/AN/A
BS EconomicsN/AN/A
BS EconomicsN/AN/A

Masters Courses Fee Structure

MSc Government & Public PolicyN/AN/A
MSc Peace & Conflict StudiesN/AN/A
MSc Strategic StudiesN/AN/A
MSc Leadership and Management StudiesN/AN/A
MSc International RelationsN/AN/A
MS Project ManagementN/AN/A

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