Federal Urdu University Of Arts, Science And Technology (Fuuast) Karachi Admission 2023 – Online Apply

Federal Urdu University Of Arts, Science And Technology (Fuuast) Karachi Admission 2022 - Online Apply

The President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf promulgated the Ordinance (No. CXIX of 2002) under which the Federal University of Science and Technology (FUUAST) was established in November 2002.Thus according to the ordinance the principal seat of the FUUST is in Islamabad. The idea and concept of using Urdu as a medium of instruction in a university was adopted from the Federal Urdu Science College, Karachi which was built in 1949 by Baba-e-Urdu Dr. Abdul Haq. After taking over this college, the FUUAST started functioning officially.

As the university has a federal existence and a central campus in Islamabad, this university has the authority to open a campus in any province of Pakistan.

The FUUAST is honored to be the first ever public research university in Pakistan where Urdu (the national Language) is used as the medium of instruction.

This well-known university with a large student body of over 12,000 students is originally situated in the residential area Gulshan Town Karachi, Sindh. Hence the university owns three campuses: two main campuses are based in Karachi whereas the satellite campus is located in Islamabad. The University is one of the largest and most prestigious University in Pakistan which accommodates a substantially large student body. The faculty consists of around 500 highly qualified and dedicated professors and instructors.

This well-accredited University falls in the roster of top most universities (General Category) by the Higher Education Commission. One of the most distinguishing feature of the university is its engagement in research in the field of fine arts, linguistics, humanities, social sciences, medicine and philosophy.

The university runs and functions in line to international standards and norms of a research university.

The university is one of the top notch universities of Pakistan which offer premium education in affordable fee structure to make sure no needy and deserving candidate is left un-catered.

Although the medium of Instruction in this university is Urdu, the students are made proficient in English Language as well so that they can cope up with the modern world. The purpose of using Urdu as a medium of instruction is to encourage the usage of Urdu in researches and publications. The current research and theory are all in English, whereas no work is done using Urdu Language.

The main motto of the university is to excel education in the fields of Science, Arts, Technology and Computer Sciences.

The university has made remarkable progress since its inception and over a short fragment of time the university has carved its niche in the field of higher education. Around 60 different recognized and acknowledged undergraduate and post graduate degree programs are being offered by the university.

Bachelors Level Program at fuuast

Course/Program NameDurationFee Structure
BS Statistics and Finance2 yearsRs.7500/-
BS Arabic4 yearsRs.5000/-
BS Pakistan Studies4 yearsRs.5000/-
BS History4 Years yearsRs.5000/-
BS International Relations4 yearsRs.5000/-
BS Islamic History4 Years yearsRs.5000/-
BS Political Science4 Years yearsRs.5000/-
BS Psychology4 Years yearsRs.5000/-
BS Urdu4 Years yearsRs.5000/-
BS Chemistry4 Years yearsRs.13000/-
BS Biotechnology4 Years yearsRs.22000/-
BS Computer Science (BSCS)4 yearsPer Semester Fee 13,000/-
BS Environmental Science4 yearsRs.13000/-
BS Geography4 yearsRs.6000/-
BS Economics4 Years yearsRs.6500/-
BS Zoology4 yearsRs.13000/-
Pharm D5 yearsRs.27500/-
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration4 yearsPer Semester Fee 25,000/-
BS Mass Communication4 yearsRs.5000/-
BS Social Work4 yearsRs.5000/-
BS Biochemistry4 yearsRs.13000/-
BS Botany4 yearsRs.13000/-
BS Statistics4 yearsRs.6000/-
BS Geology4 yearsRs.10500/-
BS Mathematical Sciences4 yearsRs.13000/-
BS Microbiology4 yearsRs.13000/-
BS Physics4 yearsRs.13000/-
BS Statistics With Finance4 yearsRs.13000/-
BS Commerce3 yearsRs.7500/-
LLB5 yearsRs.40000/-
BS Sindhi4 Years yearsRs.5000/-
BS Education4 Years yearsRs.5000/-
BS Special Education4 Years yearsRs.6000/-
B.Ed.4 Years yearsRs.11000/-
BS Islamic StudiesN/AN/A
BS General HistoryN/AN/A
BS EnglishN/AN/A

Masters Level Program at fuuast

Course/Program NameDurationFee Structure
MA History of Islam2 yearsRs.5000/-
MA Political Science2 yearsRs.5000/-
MA Sindhi2 yearsRs.5000/-
MA English2 yearsRs.5000/-
MSc Mathematical Sciences2 yearsRs.8500/-
MA Geology2 yearsRs.10500/-
MSc Physics2 Years yearsRs.8500/-
MSc Zoology2 Years yearsRs.8500/-
MSc Environmental Sciences2 Years yearsRs.8500/-
MCom2 Years yearsRs.11500/-
MSc BotanyN/AN/A
MSc GeologyN/AN/A
MSc GeographyN/AN/A
MSc BiochemistryN/AN/A
MA General HistoryN/AN/A
MA PsychologyN/AN/A
MS Social WelfareN/AN/A
MA Media StudiesN/AN/A
MA Pakistan StudiesN/AN/A
MA ArabicN/AN/A
MA Islamic StudiesN/AN/A
MA Quran-o-SunnahN/AN/A
MA Study of World ReligionsN/AN/A
MA EducationN/AN/A
MA Special EducationN/AN/A
MA EconomicsN/AN/A
MA Economics and FinanceN/AN/A
MBA ExecutiveN/AN/A
MA Statistics with FinanceN/AN/A
MA Mass CommunicationN/AN/A
MA StatisticsN/AN/A
MSc MicrobiologyN/AN/A
MSc ChemistryN/AN/A
MA Social WorkN/AN/A
MA ZoologyN/AN/A
MA MicrobiologyN/AN/A
MA ChemistryN/AN/A
MA International RelationN/AN/A

M. Phil Level Program at fuuast

Course/Program NameDurationFee Structure
MS Microbiology2 yearsRs.8500/-
MS Biochemistry2 yearsRs.8500/-
MS Chemistry2 yearsRs.8500/-
MS Social Work2 yearsRs.5000/-
MS Mass Communication2 yearsRs.5000/-
MS International Relations2 yearsRs.5000/-
MS Urdu2 yearsRs.5000/-
MS Education2 yearsRs.5000/-
MS Special Education2 yearsRs.5000/-
MS Teacher Education2 yearsRs.7500/-
MS Economics2 Years yearsRs.8000/-
MPhil Arabic2 yearsRs.5000/-
MPhil MicrobiologyN/AN/A
MPhil BiochemistryN/AN/A
MPhil PharmacologyN/AN/A
MPhil BotanyN/AN/A
MPhil PharmaceuticsN/AN/A
MPhil UrduN/AN/A
MPhil Public RelationN/AN/A

Latest Admissions in fuuast

Admission Posted on 24-Jan-2023

Last Date to Apply 10-Feb-2023

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